Sergio Roger (Spain, 1983)


The artist’s work is rooted in his life-long fascination with visual representations of beauty in ancient civilizations, especially the Graeco-Roman era and its modern counterparts. He reinterprets andsubverts iconic elements of art history to allow us to break free from preconceived ideas about ancient civilizations. The medium of subversion is the array of materials he employs: where there was marble, he resorts to natural textile fibers.


Each of Sergio Roger’s works is unique and is created from the finest textiles, which mostly date back to the early 20th century: the artist himself carefully sources these materials from antique shops. Selected fabrics include antique linen, bringing history and soul into his work.


Through his opus, Roger invites us to deconstruct our preconceived vision of the past and to reflect on the permanence and idealism associated with traditional art.
Since graduating from Berlin’s Art Academy (UdK) where he studied Sculpture and New Media Art with Professor Hito Steyerl, he has received several important awards including the Generation 09-Caja Madrid. His work has been exhibited in renowned international galleries such as Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Robilant + Voena in Milan and Spazio Nuovo in Rome.


In December 2021 Roger collaborated with the legendary auction house Christie’s and exhibited his work in its main gallery at King’s Street in London.
He has participated in prestigious fairs such as Miart, Design Miami/Basel and Frieze Masters.


His work is included in several private and public collections such as the Colección Norte de Arte Contemporáneo, and Fundación Caja Madrid. Currently, the artist lives and works in Barcelona.